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Student Placement Process

Newcastle Parent Input on Student Placement 2022-2023

Each spring we complete a thorough and thoughtful process to place students in classes for the following year. As part of this process, we provide an opportunity for parents to provide additional insight that may prove helpful in the placement process. Please note that this is an OPTIONAL input form. Each student will receive equal attention and consideration throughout the placement process for next year whether you complete this form or not. If you choose to provide input, it must be submitted through this form by Friday, April 29 @ 4pm.


The task for our team is to develop balanced classrooms based on the knowledge our classroom teachers have about each student. Each grade level team, working with our specialists, support staff, counselor, guidance team, PBSES coach, dean, and principal, invests much time, effort and care in developing class rosters that provide all children at Newcastle a quality educational experience.

The following factors are all taken into consideration as part of this process:

  • The program needs of each child (including diagnosed disabilities or qualifying conditions)
  • A balanced ratio of boys to girls
  • A balance of academic achievement levels
  • Behavior factors regarding each student
  • Social-emotional needs and the compatibility of students with others in the classroom
  • Independent work habits and leadership skills
  • Information provided by the current teacher

Once balanced rosters are created and staffing is finalized, teachers will be assigned by the principal.


Examples of information staff find helpful are: “Please separate my twins, Justin and Jason,” or “Please do not place my daughter Mary in the same class as Jane, since we are neighbors and they are together all of the time,” or “My child has only been in the United States one month and needs ELL support.”

Since our number one goal is to create balanced classrooms, we are not able to honor requests for students to be placed with specific friends.

Thank you in advance for your understanding and support of this process and be assured we will do all we can to ensure thoughtful placement of each child. Again, we strive to create and maintain classroom environments that are warm, structured, nurturing, caring, supportive, and challenging for every child.

As a reminder, in order to be considered, any parent input must be submitted THROUGH THIS FORM by 4:00 PM on Friday, April 29.