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Adjustment to Morning Campus Schedule

General Announcement

Next Monday, May 9, we will be returning to our Pre-COVID Morning Schedule of opening campus at 9:05. As you are aware, throughout the pandemic, we adjusted many of our practices in order to assist us in physically distancing students throughout the day – which included increasing the time needed to spread out during entry to campus in the morning. At this point, the only adjustment is that you will have 5 extra minutes in the morning to sleep in, expand your breakfast time, or grab that extra cup of coffee!

Beginning on Monday, gates will open at 9:05, and we will begin unloading cars at 9:05 as well. This adjustment will help to reduce the time that students are moving throughout campus prior to our 9:15 start time. Over the past two years, we had needed that additional time for everything from temperature checks and health attestation confirmations, to hand sanitization, all while avoiding any type of close contact. Now that these practices are not part of our mitigation practice, we are able to provide a more normal entry process (rather than the staggered practice we were creating with the 9:00 entry time).

We thank you for your ongoing support and partnership in keeping our Newcastle Lions healthy and safe!